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The latest 2022/2023 Seed List is given below; a pdf form can be downloaded here and you are welcome to purchase packets in multiples of 10 at a cost of:
UK - 7
Non-UK - please email
You can pay using the PayPal button below and email your order to us, listing the seed numbers required.
Sales are subject to availability, so please list substitutes, or if there is specific seed that you would like, please email before paying to check that that seed is still available. The seed exchange is open to non-members and operates throughout the year.

Please be aware that some countries restrict the import of seeds. The time & cost of providing phytosanitary certificates makes such orders impractical. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure they are complying with any import requirements. We will not be liable for seed sent if there is any breach. If in doubt please email .

Previous lists can be found here for reference only.   2021   2020   2019   2018   2017   2016   2015  

No of seed packets

Please note - cultivars do not come true from seed, no matter how closely the seedlings may resemble their parents - the photos give an idea of how the seedlings may appear, though surprises can be very welcome!

This list only includes seed collected in 2022. We do have lots of interesting older seeds which will still be viable. It would be good to pass these on to anyone interested in growing irises. Please enquire if you are searching for something special.

The GBI seed scheme has always enjoyed an international element. With the changes to the seed import regulations in many countries, including the UK, this is naturally having a negative effect and the scheme may no longer be viable in future years.

Seed List 2022/2023

1. lacustris GL UK
2. tectorum AW UK iris tectorum
3. tectorum RL Germany
4. tectorum alba RG UK
5. setosa ssp. canadensis AW UK
SERIES SIBERICAE 28 Chromosome hybrids (T=56)
6. x 'Ashfield Clementine' D dk blue flat form AW UK iris ashfield clementine
7. x 'Blaue Finale' T S light blue F darker GL UK
8. x 'Cambridge' D deep sky blue GL UK
9. x 'Cleedownton' T violet-blue, S lighter JH UK iris cleedownton
10. x 'Dreaming Late' T white JLCC Spain
11. x 'Dreaming Late' T white GL UK
12. x 'Eric the Red' deep red-violet GL UK
13. x 'Ever Again' dark violet-blue rebloomer GL UK
14. x 'Here Be Dragons' D violet on yellow AW UK iris here be dragons
15. x 'Hoar Edge' T dk violet-blue F with white edge JH UK
16. x 'Hot Sketch' D S lavender F dark red GL UK
17. x 'Huntress' D S bluish, F brown AW UK
18. x 'Jerry Murphy' D S cream F yellow GL UK
19. x 'Kiss the Girl' D shades of lemon AW UK
20. x 'Lavendelwein' T violet AW UK iris lavendelwein
21. x 'Miss Apple' D dk red, yellow markings GL UK
22. x 'My Love' D azure GL UK
23. x 'Nora Distin' blue/purple JH UK
24. x 'Pennywhistle' D violet-blue F cream veined GL UK
25. x 'Phosphorflamme' D dk violet-blue JH UK
26. x 'Sea Shadows' medium blue GL UK
27. x 'Shall We Dance' T S light blue, F blue violet GL UK iris shall we dance
28. x 'Shirley's Choice' T white GL UK
29. x 'Silver Edge' T medium blue GL UK
30. x 'Sugar Rush' D S pale pink F darker AW UK
31. siberians mixed HK UK
40 Chromosome Species & Hybrids
32. chrysographes 'Rubella' JH UK
33. forrestii JLCC Spain
34. typhifolia AW UK
35. douglasiana AW UK
36. innominata RG UK
37. ex tenax x innominata AW UK
38. PCI mixed AW UK
39. PCI mixed PJ UK
40. PCI mixed JLCC Spain
41. PCI lemon RG UK
42. PCI purple RG UK
43. PCI yellow/purple RG UK
44. PCI blue/yellow RG UK
45. x 'Banbury Beauty' violet-purple AW UK
46. x 'Banbury Gem' ruby red RG UK
47. x 'Broadleigh Peacock' primrose w maroon eye RG UK
48. x 'Pinewood Sunshine' yellow RG UK
SERIES LAEVIGATAE Species & hybrids
49. x ensata "Kogesho" pale pink GL UK
50. x ensata pale violet RL Germany
51. x ensata dark violet RL Germany
52. x laevigata 'Rowden Starlight' white 90cm JH UK
53. x laevigata 'Variegata' (may not come true) JH UK
54. pseudacorus mixed HK UK
55. versicolor RL Germany
56. versicolor mixed HK UK
57. x 'Dorothea K Williamson' blue-purple RL Germany
SERIES SPURIAE Species & hybrids
58. crocea RL Germany
59. crocea HK UK
60. x 'Shelford Giant' white/yellow AW UK
61. mixed AW UK
62. mixed HK UK
63. foetidissima white seeded AW UK
64. x sibtosa GL UK
65. Aristea ecklonii AW UK
66. x Crocosmia 'Anne Marie' RL Germany
67. x Crocosmia 'Carmine Brilliant' RL Germany
68. x Crocosmia 'Columbus' RL Germany
69. x Crocosmia 'Emberglow' RL Germany
70. x Crocosmia 'Mistral' RL Germany
71. Freesia laxa syn. Anomatheca laxa/Lapeirousia laxa AW UK
72. x Gladiolus dalenii 'Boone' peachy apricot RL Germany
73. Gladiolus tristis var. concolor JH UK
74. Herbertia lahue RL Germany
75. Sisyrinchium striatum RL Germany